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About Lady of the Sea

Our Mission Statement:

We exist to provide high quality health care in a personalized manner to those we serve.

Our Vision:

With the support of the community, Lady of the Sea General Hospital will become the primary provider of wellness, education, and health services.

Our Values:

  • PEOPLE - Our people are the source of our strength and our customers are the focus of our mission.
  • EXCELLENCE - We will achieve excellence through collaboration, performance improvement, customer satisfaction and education.
  • INTEGRITY - We conduct our work with honesty and fairness and meet the highest ethical and professional standards.
  • LEADERSHIP - We are encouraged to reach our full potential in job skills, problem solving, leadership, and personal achievement as a catalyst for growth and development.
  • COMMITMENT - We are committed to a culture that produces appropriate, competent, responsive, and effective care and services to the highest quality.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - We are dedicated to providing care and services which are delivered with respect, compassion, and dignity to patients, staff, and visitors.
  • PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT - We are continually improving quality of service and performance to become the primary provider of wellness, education, and healthcare services for the community.

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