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Advance Directives

Federal and Louisiana laws acknowledge that all adult persons have the right to control the decisions relating to their own medical care, including the decision to have life sustaining procedures withheld or withdrawn after being diagnosed as having a terminal and irreversible illness. In order to make a person’s wishes known to their physician and other health care workers, the law recognizes the right of each adult person to execute a LIVING WILL, a declaration specifying what the wishes of the person are, especially in the event the person becomes incompetent or is otherwise unable to make their wishes known.

A person may also execute a POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR HEALTH CARE DECISIONS, a document appointing another individual to make health care decisions for the person when they are no longer capable to do so.

Information will be provided to you upon admission. If you currently have a LIVING WILL OR DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR HEALTH CARE, please provide us with a copy. If you have any questions concerning advanced directives, please contact Medical Unit at (985) 632-8316.

You are not required to have an Advance Directive and you may change or revoke an Advance Directive at any time.

-This section references Louisiana Revised Statutes, Section 40:1299.581 et seq, Revised 10/90