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PART-TIME Pharmacy Clerk/Cashier at LOS Community Pharmacy #1 in Cut Off
Assist the Pharmacist to perform routine duties including retrieve and receive written doctor's orders, prescriptions or files, perform clerical tasks such as typing labels, and maintaining patient profiles, answer telephones, keep records, account receivables, and posting, assist with inventory control, maintain a clean orderly pharmacy, deliver medications to nursing stations, and prepackage medications all under the immediate supervision of a Pharmacist.
  1. High School Graduate/High School Student.
  2. Previous pharmacy experience preferred.
  3. General computer knowledge.
  4. Knowledge of medical terminology
  5. Basic typing skills.
  6. Ability to communicate effectively at all levels of the organization.
  7. Possesses positive customer service skills.
Working Conditions:
  1. Employee will be lifting and carrying up to 25% of the day.
  2. Employee will be sitting 10% of the day.
  3. Employee will be standing and walking 45% of the day.
  4. Employee will be twisting, climbing, kneeling, stooping, and bending 10% of the day.
  5. Employee will be reaching at or above shoulder level 10% of the day.

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