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PRN Social Worker in Dialysis
The Dialysis Social Worker position provides social services to patients and their families in a timely and efficient manner in order to promote maximum social functioning and psychological adjustment to dialysis and rehabilitation of the patient.
  1. Holds a master's degree in social work with a specialization in clinical practice from a school of social work accredited by the Council on Social Work Education; or
  2. Has served at least 2 years as a social worker, 1 year of which was in a dialysis unit or transplantation program prior to September 1, 1976, and has established a consultative relationship with a social worker who qualifies under Section 494.140 (d)(1).
  3. Ability to communicate effectively at all levels of the organization
  4. Possesses positive customer service skills
Working Conditions:
  1. Employee will be lifting and carrying up to 20 pounds approximately 10% of the day.
  2. Employee will be sitting approximately 65% of the day.
  3. Employee will be standing and walking approximately 15% of the day.
  4. Employee will be pushing and pulling approximately 3% of the day.
  5. Employee will be twisting, climbing, kneeling, stooping, and bending approximately 5% of the day.
  6. Employee will be reaching at or above shoulder level approximately 2% of the day.
  7. 8-10 hours per month

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