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FULL TIME Collector in Practice Management
Establish effective credit and collection methods and procedures, which are designed to collect outstanding accounts without damaging the hospital's status of adversely affecting public relations.
  1. Specialized training in credit and collections.
  2. Familiarity with legal aspects of collecting patient bills as well as the laws affecting the collection from third party agencies such as Medicare, Medicaid, and HMOs.
  3. Good speaking skills, pleasing personality, legible writing, and accurate spelling.
  4. Must remember that a written collection policy should not be considered a substitution for sound human judgment.
  5. Compassion and courtesy in dealing with the public, especially with mature Medicare patients.
  6. Ability to keep accurate and well organized records, and familiarity with billing practices.
  7. Special skills-typing, computer literate, spreadsheets, word processing, database, and office machines.
  8. Ability to communicate effectively at all levels of the organization.
  9. Possesses positive customer service skills.
Working Conditions:
  1. Employee will be lifting and carrying up to 20 pounds approximately 15% of the day.
  2. Employee will be sitting approximately 37% of the day.
  3. Employee will be standing and walking approximately 12% of the day.
  4. Employee will be pushing and pulling approximately 12% of the day.
  5. Employee will be twisting, climbing, kneeling, stooping, and bending approximately 12% of the day.
  6. Employee will be reaching at or above shoulder level approximately 12% of the day.

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