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Diabetes Support

The Diabetes Education classes provided through The Learning Center at Lady of the Sea General Hospital provides a unique opportunity to train patients with diabetes on how to live with the disease and how to improve their self-care skills so that they can better manage their diabetes and their lives.

Our Registered Dietitan, Alisha Bruce, RDN, LDN, provides diabetes education sessions. This includes information on signs and symptoms, risk factors, nutrition management, physical activity, monitoring your blood sugars and managing medications. Additional information is provided on reducing the risk of common complications of diabetes as well as useful information on handling common life situations that may affect the health of a diabetic patient.

Any physician may refer patients for our Diabetes Education Program. Once a referral is made, the patient will be contacted by the staff, a class schedule will be discussed, and an appointment will be scheduled. Some patients may choose to bring a spouse, caregiver, or parent with them in order to gain the most information possible.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with diabetes, please ask your physician to refer you for Diabetes Education at Lady of the Sea General Hospital. The care, compassion and most importantly, the education you will receive will change your life.

For more information about Diabetes Education services, please contact Lady of the Sea Learning Center at (985) 325-9715 or visit The Learning Center page.