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FULL TIME Registered Nurse Patient Care Coordinator in Home Health
The Patient Care Coordinator shall be a Registered nurse whose primary function is the overall management of individual patient care. In accordance with the physician's orders, as well as patient needs, he/she does an assessment, assists in developing plans of care, provides intermittent skilled nursing care, and coordinates the different services. Position will assist in managing patient calls, MD orders and plan visits.

NOTICE: Recruitment incentive available!
  1. Licensed as a Registered Nurse by the State of Louisiana.
  2. Minimum of one year of clinical experience as a Registered Nurse.
  3. Able to work on-call, evening and weekends.
  4. Certified in CPR.
  5. Valid Louisiana driver's license.
  6. Ability to communicate effectively at all levels of the organization.
  7. Possesses positive customer service skills.
Working Conditions:
  1. Employee will be lifting and carrying up to 25% of the day.
  2. Employee will be sitting 5% of the day.
  3. Employee will be standing and walking 35% of the day.
  4. Employee will be twisting, climbing, kneeling, stooping, and bending 5% of the day.
  5. Employee will be reaching at or above shoulder level 5% of the day.
  6. Employee will be driving 25% of the day.

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